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Why now? Why me? Why not?

Okay, it’s just time. Goodness knows I’ve been writing for long enough. I have finally gotten serious about getting published (more about that in future posts — I’m not spilling all the beans on the first go-round). Reading the blogs of other readers and saying, “I should really be doing this too” has gotten really old really quickly.

So, if you’re still reading, you’re likely wondering what you could expect to see in later posts when you come back. I will publish fiction I’m working on and bits I have already written. I will share and review books I’ve read. After all, who doesn’t love to read, right? Since I am a technical editor, I will discuss issues related to technical communication. I will endeavor to firmly resist introspective navel gazing, but I reserve the right to share tidbits I find that strike me as interesting.

Writing and editing, while often solitary activities, also put us in a wonderful and eclectic community. Now, in the words of the immortal Mr. Rogers, “Won’t you be my neighbor?”